"I have been having an Aromatherapy massage every two weeks for about a year. As time has gone on Debbie has always discussed my treatment and blend of oils to best suits my needs. I now find myself relaxed both during the session and a few days afterwards. Debbie is always very happy and friendly and this helps me to feel relaxed through the treatment."

- Dave

"I have been going to Debbie for almost two years now. I visit her every month. Debbie is a very professional person. She is thoughtful, well organised and works magic with her hands. I thoroughly enjoy my visits - an hour of pure pleasure that I look forward to. I would recommend her to you all."

- Alison

"I have been to Debbie with bad neck and upper back pain. Her treatments have resolved the problem and the pain that I was in. She is kind, professional and always flexible to fit me in when she can. I am an office worker on a computer all day and I have come to realise that neck and shoulder/back problems like mine are an increasing lifestyle problem. I believe that regular treatments are an excellent way of maintaining good health."

- Russell

"I've been coming to see Debbie for nearly a year now and it has been a great experience every time. Debbie's attention to detail and overall technique is spot on. She provides a range of excellent friendly holistic treatments and I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed! Thanks Debbie."

- Amy

"I see Debbie when I need to for injuries related to my running. I have a leg and knee injury which Debbie has treated for me. My treatments alleviate the pain and allow me to return more quickly to my exercise schedule. She gives me homecare advice and exercises to do myself to speed up my recovery. I like the fact that Debbie has a fitness background and understands my needs."

- Polly

"As a result of Debbie's facial treatments and massage, my skin looks better, as an almost 40 year old than when I was in my twenties."

- Olivia

"What an amazing massage experience I had by Debbie from Oh So Pure! This massage has you lying face up on a water bed contoured to your own body shape with a knee break insitu so you're almost in a face up foetal position. So comfy! But best of all the water inside is heated, so with every massage movement the water gently rocks you and the whole underneath of you is massaged by the water at the same time. Also because you stay in this position throughout, remaining covered and dignified by the therapist, you can get really into a relaxed zone without the rude disturbance of having to turn over half way through. It is so rejuvenating as the massage treats you from a holistic perspective attempting to address the whole person. Debbie from OhSoPure! uses warm oil to massage you all over, as oiled palms are able to move between the waterbed and the body's underside. It truly is an experience, bringing a new state of relaxation, leaving you wanting more."

- Natasha

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